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Subject:Life Lessons Learned in Furcadia
Time:12:48 pm
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Note/Disclaimer: The unnessecary things (like some whispers and descriptions) have been removed to allow for brevity. Also, the things said here by my character (Jenna Starfyres) are my musings... The ones about my first relationship, that is.

Descriptions needed:
(You see Calintz Harael.)
> A shapeshifter roams around alone as if a shadow... Only seen in his true form by some, they say he is a handsome canine around the age of 24. He always wears a green cape over a white chainmail coat. Has forgotten most of his past and seems to play life by his own rules.... a great assassin not known by his style, but what he doesn't look like.... He has no soul..... his heart is frozen, keeping love out no longer caring for anyone....

(You see Jenna Starfyres.)
> Wears a cream tunic with a purple cloak about her shoulders, fastened with a belt above purple pants and boots. Silver-grey hair, holding a black rose from Taskict, indicates old age, though it is misleading -- she has had her grey hair since she was a small child. Crystalline blue eyes display either a constant smile in them or a fire-like aggressiveness, indicative of her mood. [IC: 23][SC][Engaged to Kazdra][Summoner/Sorceress]

Jenna Starfyres: ....I now see what my ex-girlfriend means by I'll never be a true black heart....
Dr. James Oryx: See you. ^^
Calintz Harael: hey Jenna.....
Dr. James Oryx: Why would you want a black heart, dear?
Calintz Harael: didn't see you there.....
Sanura{G} nibbles her muffin
Calintz Harael: heh muffins....
Dr. James Oryx: You there!
Dr. James Oryx: Strange new person who just walked in!
Kaosin: me?
Jenna Starfyres: Heyas, Calintz..
Calintz Harael: don't worry about him, he's an ass

Dr. James Oryx: No, the lovely $100 bill next to you, dear. Of course you! You interested in a muffin?
Jenna Starfyres: James, I used to be cold and remorseless...
Kaosin: ...o.O;; im lost
Kaosin: no im fine
Kaosin: thanks though
Dr. James Oryx: If I may inquire, why?
Jenna Starfyres: Loss of trust... By almost losing someone close to me, I got snapped out of it, though.
Calintz Harael puts his hand around Oryx's neck, "She said no....." squeeses tighter.
Sanura{G}: Could I get a glass of milk...real not soy...whole not skim?
Akris: sure,one second sanu
Akris: wait...cow?goat?which?
Sanura{G}: Cow please
Jenna Starfyres: For as cold as I may act towards another person, I cannot stay in that mentality for long as my heart hurts because of it...
Akris nods "one second"
Dr. James Oryx nods slowly then turns to Calintz, "I'm not going to force a muffin on anyone. Least not right now."
Akris comes out of the kitchen with a glass of cold fresh milk "help keeps bones strong :-)"
Akris sets it in front og sanu and gets back to his seat
Calintz Harael touches the muffin and it burns, lets his grip fall from Oryx's neck
Sanura{G}: Thank you sir
Akris nods "jobs a job"
Kaosin: wats up with the muffins?
Dr. James Oryx: They're...muffins. *blinks*
Akris: Oryx is the muffin man
Kaosin: the muffin man.....
Akris: he has a magical jacket that has many muffins
Calintz Harael: and he owes you ten bucks.....
Dr. James Oryx: Well, Jenna, what seems to be the problem? I don't understand really...why would one want to be cold and heartless?
Sanura{G}: They are nice muffins I must say
Akris: yeah,he damn owes me ten bucks
Dr. James Oryx: Heh, thank you.
Kaosin thinks quietly to herself
Dr. James Oryx whacks Akris with a tea kettle, "I do not owe you a single cent. I've paid it back in full already."
Calintz Harael: the pain of love is worth being cold and heartless....
Akris gets whacked and remembers "oh yea"
Akris: *yeah
Akris: calintz on love o.o
Jenna Starfyres: Nothing's the problem, James... Not now, anyways.
Dr. James Oryx: See, that doesn't make sense.
Calintz Harael: I am off of love
Jenna Starfyres: Indeed, Calintz....
Sanura{G} listens to the convo as she has her snack
Dr. James Oryx: Um-hmm...well...I don't know really what to tell you. But I will tell you, that love is something that's inevitable. No matter how hard you close those doors, someone's gonna come along and open them again eventually.
Jenna Starfyres: I tried being cold to the one I at one time called my lover and partner, but it just served to hurt me more than distance my feelings for her.
Akris is not just going to go onto shakespear "nay,do not think i flatter,for what advancement may i hopre from thee"
Kaosin: o.O;;;
Jenna Starfyres shrugs. "Nowadays, I just flirt with a lot of people, but don't get in any committments because I'm waiting for her.."
Jenna Starfyres: I'm speaking OOC, by the way.
Kaosin: who's her, if you dont mind me asking
Calintz Harael holds a gun to Akris' head, "Say ye one more word and thou will taste lead..."
Dr. James Oryx: Ah, that's good. For once I know that if I really do say something it may actually do some good.
Kaosin: hmmm...
Dr. James Oryx: What do you mean by waiting for her?
Kaosin: pretty...lava lamp!
Akris looks at Calintz "thou suckith the key of life thee same-loving dried meat
Akris agrees with Kaosin
Jenna Starfyres: I mean that she's the one I want to be with for the rest of my life... And I'll wait for as long as it takes because I love her that much.
Kaosin ^.^
Calintz Harael lowers the gun, "Thou aren't worthy to dirty thy bullets...."
Dr. James Oryx: What are you waiting for, Jenna?
Kaosin: how sweet
Sanura{G} thinks Jenna is very strong
Dr. James Oryx: Yes, indeed. To survive a long distance relationship, let alone a relationship at all, one must be quite strong indeed.
Jenna Starfyres: She lives in the same town as me, James...
Calintz Harael: I can't be with the one that I loved..... only death can bring me to her.....
Akris steals the gun and aims it at Calintz "your just jelous i talk better shakesperian dirt"
Dr. James Oryx: Care to englighten me on the whole of the situation, perhaps?
Calintz Harael looks at Akris, "Do you think I'd point a loaded gun at you? for you able to steal?"
Kaosin: o.O;; brb
Calintz Harael: what situation James?
Akris: im sorry...i havent said yet my thoughts on love that might cause me serious enemies if any but those that can't be with the ones they love,be too scared to be hurt....are just wussies. Life is full of bruises and scars, if one loves true as the other does,they might get hurt...but nomatter what,they will see each other later...
Jenna Starfyres: I suppose I'm waiting for things to calm down and for her to accept who she is... I mean, I've already come to terms with and accepted the fact that I am a woman who likes women despite what our society says... She's still sort of "following the crowd" in regard to relationships.
Dr. James Oryx: Oh, so she's in denial about being a lesbian?
Dr. James Oryx: Both of your situations, yours and Jenna's, Calintz...
Jenna Starfyres: Well, I'm not exactly sure she's in denial so much as wanting to be accepted for who she is...
Sanura{G}: Hmm...is it..familial pressures or anything like that?
Dr. James Oryx: Right, family can often do stuff like that to a person.....
Jenna Starfyres: On my end, yes... On hers, I'm not sure. I've never broached the subject with her.
Calintz Harael: my love died two years ago JAmes..... I don't want to talk about it....
Jenna Starfyres: Gomen nasai, Calintz.
Dr. James Oryx: [Calintz are you IC?]
Dr. James Oryx: mm, alright.
Calintz Harael: [no....]
Dr. James Oryx nods slowly.
Calintz Harael: what language is that Jenna?
Jenna Starfyres: Japanese.
Calintz Harael: I see....
Jenna Starfyres: I speak English, Spanish, and some Japanese.
Calintz Harael: I speak English, Spanish, and a little German
Jenna Starfyres: Coolies.
Kaosin: i soeak ebglish, bitchy, and uh....a tad of spanish
Dr. James Oryx: ...if I may make a song reccomendation?
Kaosin: i think that makes me speacial
Kaosin: haha i cant spell today!
Calintz Harael: a song?
Akris thinks I feel so by boxcar racers will go good with this
Dr. James Oryx nods slowly
Dunari Frost: FurN is always too much for my videocard to handle.
Calintz Harael: O.o
Jenna Starfyres: Mmm... "Swim" by Ani DiFranco has taken a place in my top songs list.
Akris shakes his head "for the situation now i mean
Sanura{G}: Hmm
Calintz Harael: The Reason by Hoobastank....
Dr. James Oryx: Darkest Hour by Nickel Creek
Sanura{G}: Last Night I Dreamt Somebody Loved Me by The Smiths
Dr. James Oryx: I think it may represent a lot to most of us here...
Calintz Harael: Chop Suey by SOAD
Nenjin: Coma Black, by Manson, though my particular tastes are different than most here.
Akris: that so wont go with it now calintz
Dunari Frost: ...... Ready? Alice In Chains - Them Bones.
Dunari Frost: OMG
Dunari Frost: I R TEH GRUNGE
Calintz Harael: I think it fits perfectly
Dunari Frost headbangs.
Calintz Harael: there's one part that keeps playing in my head....
Akris should remind Dunari though that i got permission to aim a dreamkicker at your balls so you quote so watch it
Nenjin: ..and until you have reason, you can't do it.
Akris: trust in my,self rightous suicide,i cry,when angels deserve to die
Calintz Harael nods
Dr. James Oryx: Gentlemen, please...
Akris is just reminding him Nenj,Dunari had a reason yesterday A LARGE ONE.
Jenna Starfyres: Hrm... "I Miss You" by Blink 182....
Nenjin: No, Mychelle allowed him to stay here.
Dr. James Oryx: That's a good one too.
Akris: hello there,angel from my nightmares,the shadow in the background of the mourge
Nenjin: Disliking someone is not a valid reason to eject them.
Calintz Harael: if you think that Chop Suey doesn't fit here's it's basic inverse
Dr. James Oryx: Moore, lol.
Jenna Starfyres nods.
Dr. James Oryx: Toby Lightman.
Dr. James Oryx: Not only is she good looking, but -damn- can she sing.
Dunari Frost: Akris, please note: a.) I am currently doing nothing to disturb anyone. b.) Do not threaten me with ejection just because you feel like it.
Calintz Harael: Hold on by Good Charlotte
Akris im not ejecting him now Nenj,im reminding him i was granted permision if he acts like he did yesterday,stop putting words in my mouth
Jenna Starfyres: Both of you stop acting like children, please.
Calintz Harael: Jenna.....
Dr. James Oryx: I used to have angels that used to watch over me...
Calintz Harael: what do you think of this?
Calintz Harael: http://www.weaponmasters.com/index.html?ID=3ee60c3832a4263dcc86990bbd64ddd9&ITEM=NN8754&SORT=PRICE_UP&FDX=31&FMAX=10
Jenna Starfyres: Hrm?
Nenjin: Even if he does act like he did yesterday, that isn't a valid reason to eject, regardless. He didn't violate any of the rules, frankly. End of story.
Calintz Harael: hit F8
Akris: umm well Nenjin you wouldnt know how he acted yesterday,mych did,dont play smart if you dont know what you are saying
Jenna Starfyres: It's loading.
Nenjin: Yes I do, I was there.
Calintz Harael: just stop bickering the past was the past..... let it die....
Akris thinks "when he was violating the rules?i dont think..."
Nenjin: Mychelle also talked to him, and said he could stay, and from that point on, he did not violate any of the rules.
Jenna Starfyres growls, a little annoyed. "And this is why I'm not having kids..."
Nenjin: Please.
Jenna Starfyres: Cal, that's really pretty...
Akris: ALRIGHT WHATEVER,AS LONG AS HE DOESNT ACT LIKE HE DID BEFORE,why the hell you always gotta' start with me Nenjin?
Nenjin: Excuse me?
Nenjin: I'm the only one being rational.
Jenna Starfyres: DROP IT!
Dunari Frost: Akris, chill the hell out....
Calintz Harael: I have it and no neck to put it around.....
Akris: Calintz,its very shiny lol
Jenna Starfyres: ....Mew....
Calintz Harael curls up tighter as a tear slowly falls
Jenna Starfyres hops over the bar to give Calintz a hug.
Jenna Starfyres: bar
Akris: isn't is abit gothy...
Akris: *it
Jenna Starfyres: Shush, Akris.
Calintz Harael smiles then rests his head onto her lap
Akris laughs
Jenna Starfyres glares at Akris. "You want me to gag you and put you on the roof?"
Akris sighs "ya' know,id actually like that,im still abit sad from the conversation that was before the argument"
Calintz Harael: you're gonna make me change the last part of my desc Jenna.....
Jenna Starfyres: Oh?
[ Akris whispers, "Jenna changed a life" to you. ]
[ You whisper "Jenna was once like that..." to Akris. ]
Calintz Harael: have you seen Krie?
Dr. James Oryx: Hm. I need to buy this CD.
Jenna Starfyres: She's... going through some things...
Dunari Frost: That reminds me. A Guardian got on me the other day for "having a vulgar away message".
Calintz Harael: I see.....
[ Akris whispers, "Akris sighs "you made your point before the arguement i had" to you. ]
Jenna Starfyres: But I'll see her in a little.
Akris: what was the away message?
Dr. James Oryx: ...Is she...?
Calintz Harael: see here how?
Dunari Frost: He started shitting bricks because of the link to that "disclaimer", which he found offensive.
[ You whisper "That one cannot be cold forever, or risk hurting oneself?" to Akris. ]
[ Akris whispers, "Akris nods" to you. ]
Dunari Frost: Beekins = A bunch of blubbering vaginas.
Calintz Harael: hey
Calintz Harael: shut your mouth fag
Calintz Harael: most of my friends are beekins
Dr. James Oryx: Jenna? See her how?
Jenna Starfyres: Even the most cold-hearted being is not entirely cold... It takes but a simple phrase to let the ice-cold shield melt away.
Akris: Jenna's wrods are true...since coldness isnt permenant,one isnt born with it,they develope it..most things developed,not physically can be taken out
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